Aspirations was the trading name of Howard Associates (Aspirations) Limited, a Marketing and HR Support Consultancy and pioneers in the strategic use of computer technology to drive sales, motivate customers and employees.

The chances are that Aspirations work has touched your life many times. It may have been a warm welcome, when you popped into your 'local' for a drink or visited any one of thousands of restaurants or hotels, efficient service when you visited a Boots chemist in the UK, received advice from a prestige brand cosmetics consultant, or refuelled at a Shell filling station, whilst travelling around Europe.

Aspirations were proud to have worked with some of the world’s largest companies in their field, for over 30 years, such as Pfizer, Compass, SCA and Philips, until the business was sold in 2010.

The internet domain name was transferred to Peak & Pennine Properties Limited, an umbrella organisation for numerous property investment and related service companies, including Dwell Developments Ltd. and Energy Performance Advice Ltd, developers of epiMS, energy performance improvement software for the commercial and residential retrofit market.

If you need to contact any of the Management Team connected with Aspirations, please email with details of your enquiry.