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customer loyalty
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TCS (Total Control System) is a flexible, powerful tool, that can be introduced to influence your customers buying habits.

Used as a reward mechanism, dealers, distributors and even end-users will prefer to buy and sell your product over your competitors.

It can be used to increase value, volume, selling in greater depth and width and the data can be used to support further marketing activity.

It has been used successfully by global leaders in the pharmaceutical and electronics industries, by a supplier of lubricants to prestige car manufacturers and Europe's largest manufacturer of paper hygiene products.

An integrated service
Having developed a strategy to meet your objectives, we provide full support in creativity, communication, administration, fulfilment and reporting, including advice on how to maximise employee tax benefits on rewards.
We have a wealth of experience in the retail, distribution, manufacturing and service sectors, working with over 300 clients including Boots, Shell, Pfizer, Superdrug, Greenalls, Allied Domecq, Victoria Wine, SCA, Compass PLC and Philips.
Our largest employee recognition and reward programme involved over 47,000 people but usually between 1000 and 6000.
Efficient tracking enables us to predict the likely cost and return of a scheme with remarkable accuracy.
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